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"Midrasz" magazine

"Midrasz" is the most important publication for Polish Jews. For ten thousand readers - Jewish and non-Jewish - our magazine, established in 1997, became one of the main source of information about contemporary Jewish life in Poland, as well as about cultural heritage of Polish Jews and problems, which they have to grapple with. With its mix of current events, opinions, essays and literature, documents, religious commentaries, as well as current news covering contemporary Jewish life in Poland and abroad it has filled a vital gap on the Polish press market.

Since the very beginning our activity is focused on Jewish education. On the Polish market, where there are almost no relevant sources for Jewish traditional learning, "Midrasz" plays a special role on that field. The publication is targeted at three relatively different readership groups: Polish Jews, active in the existing communal organizations, non-Jewish Poles interested in things Jewish (who perceive "Midrasz" as an important source of knowledge) and Poles of Jewish origin, who have relatively recently become aware of their Jewishness, and are exploring it, or considering that possibility. This last group, assessed at some 25 thousand, is the one whose needs "Midrasz" wants to satisfy, with the goal of bringing them closer to the Jewish world and community.

The Internet Jewish Book Club

The Internet Jewish Book Club that started eight years ago is a unique service provided to the readers of "Midrasz", the Jewish community and all those interested in things Jewish. It offers to all those interested a wide selection of works of Jewish interest, fiction and non-fiction, original and translated into Polish. The books are sold at discounted rates. The main interest of the Club, however, is in that it enables to people living outside the big urban centers access to otherwise unavailable publications. All the important publications are reviewed inside the magazine, where also some excerpts from books scheduled for print are being published.

The Jewish Book Days

Each year the books sold in our bookstore are presented at the Jewish Book Days, held in Warsaw, which gather hundreds of people interested in Jewish culture and civilization.

The Midrasz Publishing House

The project called "The Midrasz Publishing House" has been launched in February 2007. The purpose was to publish books of Jewish interest in Polish language in Poland. The main goal of Midrasz Publishing House is to bring to the Polish readers books that would be dedicated to widely understood Jewish heritage and civilization. We think these publications provide these people who already have an interest in Jewish field with a new opportunity to learn more and to explore part of their own heritage or the heritage of their Jewish neighbors who lived on Polish soil and who now try to rebuild and to preserve the glorious past of East-European Jewry. Some of them serve as a memorial to those who once created the Jewish civilization in Poland and left uncountable number of works, often forgotten and neglected but deserving to be republished and remembered. To recall them is a part of our mission and we'd like to continue it.


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