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Call for applications

About the foundation

The Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund (JHF) started operating in 2002. The organization was established as a result of the negotiations on Jewish war claims in the Netherlands, its goal is to support projects dedicated to restoring Jewish life in former communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2002 the JHF has disbursed annual grants to qualified projects.

Award policy

When awarding grants, the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund places emphasis on projects dedicated to building and ensuring the continuity of Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in the areas of culture, Jewish tradition and heritage, knowledge transfer, enhancement of non-capital infrastructure, and projects that promote mutual respect between people. Organizations registered in Central and Eastern Europe are invited to apply to our foundation for funding. More information about our award policy can be read in our information brochure on our website: www.jhf.nl.

Application procedure

Requests for a grant for projects commencing on or after 1 January 2009, must be made using the appropriate application form, which is available on line at our website: www.jhf.nl. This form should be filled in on line and accompanied with a budget and a project description before July 1st 2008. This deadline will be strictly adhered to.

In addition to the on-line application form, each applicant must enclose the following:

  1. annual financial reports for the past three years (the original language is allowed), which must include a balance sheet, an annual profit & loss statement, and explanatory notes;
  2. a charter or articles of association for the organization;
  3. a listing of the organization in the official public register.

Above mentioned documents must be in our office before July 10th 2008.

All documents relevant to the application should be in English. While the annual financial reports, balance sheets, and the charter or articles of association may be submitted in the original language, English is preferred.

After the relevant documents have been received, the JHF will confirm receipt to applicants within a month following submission. Ordinarily, the Board of the JHF will decide on awards of project grants in November 2008.

Potential applicants are strongly advised to study the application criteria on our website carefully.

Win an unsolicited award of € 10,000!

Although the Fund will continue to consider all relevant projects submitted, its particular stress remains on renewal and innovation. In order to stimulate imaginative visions and new ideas intended to promote Jewish life in Eastern Europe with particular stress on Jewish education and tolerance building, the Fund may offer an annual unsolicited award of 10,000 Euros, over and above to the sum applied for, to a project it deems best reflects these ideals.







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